Cricut Easy Press

Cricut Easy Press: 
Use hard heat safe surface for the base
Place a towel or Cricut Easy Press Mat under garment (also Wool pressing pads or heat transfer pillows can be used)
Temperature setting: 355°
Preheat garment for 5-10 seconds to remove any moisture from the fabric (do not pre-heat on heat sensitive fabrics)
Cover with Teflon sheet/kraft paper/parchment paper or thin soft cloth
Press for 10-15 seconds with firm pressure (additional pressure may be needed for thick fabrics and/or glitter material)
Vinyl & Glitter peel Warm
Metallic colors peel Hot
If any areas aren't fully adhering, re-cover with cover sheet and press in 5 second increments
*Cricut's "inside out press" step is not necessary based on these heat settings/application instructions