Custom Lettering Name Text Sticker or Heat Applied Transfer Font: s97-W17

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Format Option: All Caps, Upper/Lowercase, All lowercase


-Text will automatically be formatted as centered, unless specified otherwise in the notes and will be formatted exactly as typed(Upper/Lower Case, All Upper Case, all lower case) EXCEPT for certain script fonts, some are not available in all caps due to sizing - the preview photo will show what the available formatting options are.
~~~~~~~~TEXT HEIGHT~~~~~~~~
5/8", 1", 1.25", 1.5", 2", 2.5", 3", 3.5", 4", 5", 6"
**PLEASE NOTE: The size is based on the height of the Capital Letter, depending on the lowercase letters, the overall height will increase by 1/2" upto to 1"
*Make sure to specify in the notes if you need custom sizing.
~~~~~~~~TEXT LENGTH(WIDTH)~~~~~~~~
**PLEASE NOTE: Make sure to specify in the notes if you need to keep the text at a specific length.
However text will NOT be stretched to fit if it pulls the letters out of proportion. It may be necessary to reduce the height depending on the length of the text to fit the width chosen, refunds will not be issued if a sizing adjustment has to be made
Standard sizing:

3"-4" (pocket) (phrases require multiple lines)
4", 5", 6" (onesies)
6", 8", 10" (youth)
8", 10", 12", 14" (adult)
Single line text may have letter/sizing restrictions due to font style and length of text requested. The height will be reduced for the text to fit within the width chosen, the text will never be sized larger than what is selected. If you have any questions regarding sizing, please contact me prior to purchasing.

~~~~~~~~VERTICAL/ARCHED TEXT~~~~~~~~
-Vertical text is available for any font shown with the listing photo in all UPPERCASE/ALL CAPS only! Just put in the notes box "Vertical" and the size chosen for width(length) will be the Height and size chosen for height will be the Width
-Arched text is available for any font shown with the listing photo in all UPPERCASE, or Upper/Lower that do not have connected letters (letters that are connected ex. script, cannot be arched). The size will be based on the top of the arch in the middle, to the bottom of the text, and will make the text size smaller than what is chosen. If you have any questions regarding size, please contact me before purchasing.  

-All colors are printed on specialty heat transfer or sticker material with a Satin(semi-gloss) finish using a professional eco solvent process (these are not printed on a home inkjet printer, but on commercial digital printer)
-Please contact us if you would like to request a new/custom color. Any Pantone, RGB, CMYK or HEX color code can be used.
-Due to the differences in monitor resolution and computer settings, colors may vary slightly from image on computer screen

See larger swatches of all colors & new colors:
-For two colors (top color with a background/outline color) specify in the notes exactly what you like, the design will be printed as one piece for application

-Patterns are available with one pattern only per design (one pattern can be mixed with a solid color(s)

**Not all fonts will print well in patterns, especially skinny or narrow fonts. The thicker/bolder the font, the more pattern will show  

-View all patterns available: 

-Available in Gold, Silver & Rose Gold only
-Available in sizes up to 14" only 
-Not available for sizes marked "With Background", multi-color designs(design must be all one color only), or combined with printed elements

-NOT AVAILABLE, we do not offer glitter material/colors
-Make sure to specify in the personalization the text exactly as you would like it to appear, please double check spelling, punctuation, etc.
-The text will be formatted exactly as shown in the listing photo (placement & fonts)

***We reserve the right to refuse to cut or print any text that is profanity, derogatory, demeaning, offensive or to be considered in poor taste, and orders will be immediately cancelled/refunded**
-MUST be applied with a home iron, Cricut easy press, or commercial heat press to adhere(adhesive is heat activated)
-Can be applied onto the following material types: 100% cotton, 100% polyester, cotton/polyester blends, rayon, modal, satin, iron-safe silk, cotton and/or polyester canvas, polyester mesh, linen, felt, denim, fleece, Lycra/spandex blends up to 5%(material may crack or peel if applied to blends greater than 5%)
-Not all possible fabric types are listed, please contact us if you have application questions
-Will NOT adhere to fabrics marked "Do Not Iron" and/or heavily textured materials, or chunky/open weave fabrics
-Any fabric with Waterproofing, must be removed before vinyl application
-Vinyl for application onto Nylon(including blends) or Lycra/Spandex over 5% is not available
-All materials(vinyl & ink) are CPSIA certified so they are safe for children's apparel/decor
-Application Instructions, parchment paper(for the cover sheet) and a sample test/practice piece are included with every order


-Self-adhesive vinyl for flat and gently curved hard surfaces
-Apply onto the following surfaces(but not limited to): Cars(body or windows), windows, glass, mirrors, metal, wood, walls, ceramic, cups/mugs, signs, laptops, cell phones, I-pad/phone covers/cases, leather, art canvas, fabric
-Stickers can be used as a stencil (one time use per sticker)
-Will not adhere to rough or uneven textures or surfaces. Wall paint must be fully cured before application.
-Stickers may not be removable from all material types(including, but not limited to: paper, cardboard, laminate finishes, and similar type surfaces). Stickers are not reusable once removed
-3 Year Outdoor life, Unlimited indoor use. Household items, handwash only, dishwasher use is not recommended(heat will fade the ink)
-Full color printed designs my fade with constant handling(cups, phone cases), this is normal and not considered a defective product

All designs are copyright Stickers by Stephanie or their respective owners.

Transfers/stickers may be used on physical items to be sold retail, but may not be resold as is or claimed as your own. If you are selling physical items (especially on Etsy/Ebay/Amazon, etc), it is your responsibility to verify if design or text is trademarked/copyrighted on TESS. 

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