IRON ON v97-F Bride Bride Tribe Squad Bridesmaid Wedding Bridal Bachelorette Party T-Shirt Transfer

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Iron On Color None Selected Required

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Shirt is NOT included, shown for illustration only

-Material can be applied with a home iron or heat press
-Apply onto the following material types: 100% cotton, 100% polyester, cotton/polyester blends, rayon, satin, iron-safe silk, cotton canvas, polyester mesh, linen, Lycra/spandex blends up to 5%(material may crack or peel if applied to blends greater than 5%)
-Will NOT adhere to fabrics marked "Do Not Iron" and/or heavily textured materials
-Nylon, Leather, Lycra/Spandex(greater than 5%) require different materials, contact us for ordering instructions
-All materials are CPSIA certified so they are safe for children's items
-Application Instructions, parchment paper and a sample test piece are included with every order


~~~~~~~~SIZE OPTIONS~~~~~~~~
-Choose your size from the menu based on the size WIDTH of the entire design

sizes listed are height x width
1 Line Format:
1.5" x 4"
2" x 5"
2.5" x 6"
3"  x 8"
4" x 10"
5" x 12"
5.5" x 14"
2 Line Format:
3" x 4"
4" x 5"
5" x 6"
7" x 8"
8.5" x 10"
10" x 12"
12"  x 14"
3 line Format:
4" x 4"
5" x 5"
6" x 6"
8" x 8"
10" x 10"
12" x 12"
14"  x 14"


All designs are copyright Stickers by Stephanie or their respective owners.

Transfers may be used on physical items for sale. Transfers may not be resold or claimed as your own.