Self-Adhesive Stickers

Semi-Gloss & Matte Vinyl colors have a 6 year outdoor life
Printed Vinyl patterns have a 2 year outdoor life
Specialty Vinyl colors have a 6 month outdoor life
For household items hand wash only, do not wash in a dishwasher

This material is not for permanent application onto fabric, but can be applied for short term use. Do NOT Iron-On.

Vinyl can be applied to any smooth hard surface(will not adhere to rough, uneven or textured surfaces)

  • Application surface should be clean and dry.
  • For walls, paint should be completely cured (see paint can for timeframe) before application. Vinyl will not adhere to walls that have a textured finish.  
  • Large decals that have been rolled, lay flat and allow to come to room temperature and relax before applying                                    
  • Lay the decal face down and carefully remove the white backing material pulling at a slight downward angle.
  • If the decal wants to stick to the white backing more than the mask (because the adhesive is stickier than the mask), place backing back over decal and apply firm pressure over the decal, then try peeling the backing off again pushing any pieces onto the mask with a pointed object (scissors or tweezers) as necessary.
  • Apply directly onto the application surface and smooth from the center toward the outside using extra firm pressure with a squeegee (or credit card works too) and smoothing out any air bubbles in the Vinyl.
  • Remove the clear mask, pulling slowly and carefully at a slightly downward angle, applying more pressure as needed to areas that haven’t completely adhered to the application surface.
  • Decals may not be removable from some surface types/materials (paper, cardboard, laminated wood and similar type materials). They are not repositionable/reusable once removed.