Shirt & Decal Sizing How To Guide

Sample shirts are shown for reference only, so you can compare how each decal size will look. Not all designs are available in all sizes, please refer to the individual listing details for specific sizes available. Not all possible decal sizes are shown, please contact me if there is a specific size decal/shirt you would like to see.

I don't give out sizing recommendations since usually several sizes will fit and depending on placement(pocket, center chest/back, full front/back) as well as being your own personal preference how you want your shirt to look.  (You can also cut a piece of paper to the same size for a great visual!)

I highly recommend measuring with a ruler or measuring tape on your garment where you want to apply the decal to ensure you are ordering a size that will fit, as shirt sizing will vary depending on the brand and style.

Ladies please note that transfers will look different when being worn vs shown laying flat




 Click on the photo for the shirt size you want to see, to scroll through all the decal sizes shown in that shirt size

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 Ladies V-Neck Sizes


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