STICKER v3 Floral Cow Skull Vinyl Decal+

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Props are NOT included, shown for illustration only

-Vinyl for application onto flat and gently curved smooth hard surfaces
-Apply onto the following surfaces(but not limited to): Cars, windows, glass, mirrors, metal, wood, walls, ceramic, cups/mugs, signs, laptops, cell phones, I-pad/phone covers/cases, leather, paper, poster board
-Not for heat application onto fabric(can be used for one time only use)
-Will not adhere to rough or uneven textures or surfaces. Wall paint must be fully cured before application.
-Non-laminated vinyl is removable(except from paper products), but not reusable.
-Laminated vinyl can carefully removed and repositioned
-Laminated vinyl is not recommend for multi-layered application because of the thickness
-Regular vinyl colors/clear laminated vinyl up to 6 years outdoor use, metallic colors & sparkle laminate 6 months outdoor use
-Unlimited indoor use, household items hand wash only, do not place in the dishwasher

~~~~~~~~SIZE OPTIONS~~~~~~~~
-Choose your size from the menu based on the WIDTH you want the design
-Sizes listed are height x width


~~~~~~~~COLOR OPTIONS~~~~~~~~
-White, Black & Mint also available in Matte finish
-Rest of vinyl colors are semi-gloss finish
-Metallic colors are smooth vinyl with a glossy glitter finish
-Clear or sparkle lamination can be added for protection (or to turn any regular color into a glitter color) and will increase the thickness allowing decal to be placed like a true sticker(not available for all metallic colors)


-Multi-Colored Designs: Each color will come as a separate transfer



-Vine1, Vine2, Vine3 are available in a 1, 2 or 3 letter format
-Script is available in a 1, 2 or 3 letter format
-Block is available in a 3 letter format only(if only one letter is specified Century Schoolbook font will be used)
-Roundfish is available in a 2 or 3 letter format only

-Designs with text are available with a block or script font. Only block font is available for lettering in a separate color, script must be the same color as the design.

-Please enter your monogram letters in the order you would like them to appear
-Monogram letters can be a different color

All designs are copyright Stickers by Stephanie or their respective owners.

Transfers may be used on physical items for sale. Transfers may not be resold or claimed as your own.


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