Transfer Sizing Guide

 The most commonly asked question we receive is what size decal to get. While we won't tell you what size to order, we do have a recommended range of sizes that will work for each shirt size. It's still up to you to decide the size based on the type of design and where the decal will be placed - pocket/left chest, center chest/back, or full front/back as to what size to purchase.   

 Our measurements are based off of Carters(infant onesies), Gildan(toddler/adult) & Fruit of the Loom(youth) shirts, but we still highly recommend measuring with a ruler or measuring tape on your garment where you want to apply the decal to ensure you are ordering a size that will fit, as shirt sizing will vary depending on the brand,  style and fit.

Tip: Cut a piece of paper to the design for a great visual! 

For fitted styles, you may want to select the 1-2 sizes smaller than shown for optimal fit. Loose fitting, Husky or Big & Tall you may choose to size up 1-2 sizes.  

 *Please note that transfers will look different when being worn vs shown laying flat depending on your body size/shape.                                    


 Decals are sized either by WIDTH/LENGTH (horizontal/side to side) or by HEIGHT (vertical/top to bottom)

Each listing will specify how the design is sized, on Etsy this is under the size menu header and on the Website it is under "Availability"

If a listing shows "Varied" or "Varies by Style" this means not all designs shown within the same listing are sized the same, each design will be sized by whichever side is the greatest. The opposite side will be sized proportionally to match, but will never exceed the size chosen.

The size you choose from the menu will be for the biggest side of the design!  

Infant Sizes

Toddler Sizes

Youth Sizes

Adult Sizes

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