Application Instructions


The brand of Heat Transfer(Iron On) Vinyl we use can be applied onto:

100% Cotton
100% Polyester
Polyester Knits
Polyester Mesh
Poly/cotton Blends
Cotton Blends with less than 5% Lycra/Spandex





Not all fabric types are listed, the material can be applied to more fabric types as long as the tag is not marked "Do Not Iron"


Home Iron On Instructions

Commercial Heat Press Instructions

Cricut Easy Press Instructions



The Sticker vinyl we use is manufactured for up to 3 years of outdoor use on vehicles (or unlimited indoor use). 

Apply onto the following surfaces(but not limited to): Cars(body or windows), windows, glass, mirrors, metal, wood, walls, ceramic, cups/mugs, signs, laptops, cell phones, I-pad/phone covers/cases, leather, art canvas, fabric
-Stickers can be used as a stencil (one time use per sticker)
-Will not adhere to rough or uneven textures or surfaces. Wall paint must be fully cured before application.
-Stickers may not be removable from all material types(including, but not limited to: paper, cardboard, laminate finishes, and similar type surfaces). Stickers are not reusable once removed
-3 Year Outdoor life, Unlimited indoor use. Household items, handwash only, dishwasher use is not recommended(heat will fade the ink)
-Full color printed designs my fade with constant handling(cups, phone cases), this is normal and not considered a defective product

Sticker Application Instructions