Cricut Easy Press Application Instructions

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Please contact us IMMEDIATELY if you have any questions with the application process or if your items are damaged from shipping or application, You MUST email a photo of the damaged transfer to receive a one-time replacement at no charge  

 Acceptable Fabric Type: 100% Cotton, 100% Polyester, Poly/Cotton Blends, Polyester Mesh, Rayon, Satin, Silk, Modal, Linen, Cotton or Polyester Canvas, Denim, Burlap(smooth weave only), Fleece (not all fabric types may be listed)

*Will NOT adhere to non-fabric surfaces, Spandex/Lycra(cotton blends upto 5%), 100% Nylon, any Nylon Blend, Nylon Mesh, Nylon Canvas or fabrics marked “Do Not Iron”


We recommend following these instructions which were created by the manufacturer of the vinyl, rather than using Cricut’s instructions/settings


Step #1: Inspect your transfers for any damage or missing pieces (sorry, we are not perfect, but we will replace the item!) If we missed weeding a design/letter, gently fold back the transfer adhesive side up and remove piece with your fingers/tweezers. Smooth any air bubbles.

 Step #2: Temperature Setting 355°

 Step #3: Place your garment(unwashed is best, but washed will still work) on a hard surface(ex: table, stone/tile countertop/floor, make sure your surface cannot be easily damaged by heat or pressure) (thick fabrics such as fleece/denim place as a single layer)

 Step #4: Place a towel or Cricut Easy Press Mat under garment (also Wool Pressing pads or heat transfer pillows can be used)

 Step #5: Press garment for 5-10 seconds to remove any moisture from the fabric  

 Step #6: Remove and discard white paper backing, and place transfer face up on the garment

 Step #7: Cover with Teflon sheet/Kraft Paper/Parchment paper or thin soft cloth. The heat source should never come into direct contact with the plastic transfer sheet

  #8: Press for 10-15 seconds with firm press (additional pressure may be needed for thick fabrics)

 Step #9: Allow the transfer and shirt to cool (it should be warm, but not hot to the touch) and then peel off the clear plastic transfer sheet

     *If any areas aren’t full adhering, don’t peel off plastic yet, cover again with cover sheet and press in 5 second increments

 Cricut’s “inside out press” step is not necessary based on these heat settings/application instructions

 Heat Sensitive Fabrics: Preheat using the lowest heat setting, then work up the heat in small increments as needed until you reach the optimal application temperature to avoid scorching the fabric, use medium to heavy pressure