Sticker Application Instructions

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Please contact me IMMEDIATELY if you have any questions with the application process or if your items are damaged from shipping or application You MUST email a photo of the damaged transfer to receive a one-time replacement at no charge  

  Vinyl can be applied for Indoor or Outdoor use

Printed vinyl is NOT UV protected and may fade in constant direct sunlight, colors may fade with frequent contact (cups/phone covers), due to the natural oils in the hands, this is normal and not considered a defective product.

  Surface Type: Vinyl will only adhere to smooth flat or gently curved surfaces. Will not adhere to textured or rough surfaces, ex. Popcorn wall texture. Not recommended for application in areas with high humidity(bathrooms). Painted surfaces should be completely cured (see can for timeframe) before applying vinyl.

  Step #1: Application surface should be clean and dry

  • Do not use Windex, use only plaid soap and water
  • Allow surface to dry thoroughly, any moisture will prevent the decal from adhering      

Step #2:  Large decals that have been rolled, lay flat and allow to come to room temperature and relax before application

 Step #3:  Lay the decal face down and carefully remove the white paper pulling at a slight downward angle away from the tape. You may need to pull the backing off at different angles to completely remove.  NEVER peel from top and pull the tape away from the backing

  • If the decal wants to stick to the white paper more than the tape, place backing back over decal and apply firm pressure over the decal, then try peeling the backing off again pushing any pieces onto the mask with a pointed object (scissors or tweezers) as necessary. Change the direction you are pulling from, sometimes a change in direction is all you need.

 Step #4:  Apply directly onto the application surface and smooth from the center toward the outside using extra firm pressure with a squeegee (or credit card works too) and smoothing out any air bubbles in the Vinyl.

 Step #5: Remove the mask, pulling slowly and carefully at a slightly downward angle, applying more pressure as needed to areas that have not completely adhered to the application surface. Some surface types may need more pressure, do not pull the tape if the sticker is sticking to the tape, increase pressure and remove only when the sticker is firmly on the application surface.

 Step #6: Decals may not be removable from some surface types/materials (paper, cardboard, laminated wood and similar type materials). They are not repositionable/reusable once removed.


For household items, we recommend hand washing to extent the life of your sticker. Heat from the dishwasher may fade the ink faster


 Temporary Application onto Fabric **DO NOT IRON ON**

  • Lay out shirt and smooth out any wrinkles (iron shirt as needed, the smoother the fabric the better the transfer will stick)
  • Follow all steps above, fabric will require a little more pressure to transfer because it is a “soft” surface
  • To remove just peel the sticker off the fabric when done